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Cuddlykingdom Oslo

Wrap yourself in the joy canoodling with your heart to make the days of your special week more memorable.

Surf & Turf

The steak and the white wine add layers of an unprecedented burst of flavors to your palette with the surfs.

All The Snacks Box

Open the box of colors and wonders, with the snacks sweetening your evenings and brightening your visage.

Candy Club Gift

Grab this exclusive box of savories to explore the magic in every fold and lace of this shimmering gift.

Murray's Greatest Hits Cheese Collection

Add a tangy flavor to your dishes with the cheese collection provided by our team of celebrity chefs.

Chest of Chocolates

$ 19.99 / Kg

Levain Cookies

$ 13.90 / Kg

Snacks Gift Box

$ 7.56 / Kg

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There is no better way to spend your holiday than take in the aroma of baked biscuits and sweet wine.
Jessica C. Broome
Great service. The gift boxes indeed surprised me with the items that make for a perfect premium hamper.
Elsie T. Holmes

Food Gifts That Every Foodie Secretly Wants

Food Gifts for Everyone on Your List

Get your gifts wrapped and garnished beautifully to lend a gourmet look to the platters served.

Signature Mille Crêpes Cake

Pour your favorite topping to watch the layers melt over until the last scoop is savored for its heavenly taste.

Vietnamese Pour Over Coffee Filters

Take it slow by pouring even the last drop of milk to press the filter for the perfect evening coffee.

Latest From Our Blog

Top 10 Best Food Business Ideas with Low Investment

Here are some of the business ideas that require very low investment and which can fetch you high profits.

Opening A Restaurant

With perfect planning, a person can open a restaurant with considerably low investment. If planned and managed correctly, the restaurant business is very profitable. One must review the location, habits and taste of the people in that location before opening a restaurant. For example, if you are planning to open a restaurant in Hyderabad in India, non-vegetarian Biryani should be your go-to dish because Hyderabadis like that. A restaurant is one of the best business ideas based on food.

Open a Bakery

If you are an expert at making biscuits and cakes, it would be best to open a bakery. All you will require are good recipes, baking equipment and different moulds for the things you will be making. Nowadays, several corporate companies order from bakeries for each and every get-together or meeting that are arranged by them. If you can get such corporate event tenders, you can get more than decent returns in such a food business.

Chocolate Making

Everyone is fond of good home-made chocolates, and if you happen to know the art of making chocolates, you can make it your business. It has the advantage of being operated from home and is one of the best food business ideas with small capital.

Ice-cream Parlour

Nowadays, anyone can prefer ice cream at any time of the year since you can both make your own ice-cream as well as become a franchisee of a famous ice cream company.

Mobile Food Vans

Food caravans are gaining a lot of popularity nowadays because they can go anywhere and have the advantage of serving fast-food or combo-food, which can be eaten on the go or parcelled. Even though the cost to be offered is considerably low here, you can make good margins with large enough volumes, and they sell very fast indeed. Food caravans are one of the best food business ideas.

Cooking Classes

If you have years of cooking experience, have served as a chef in a restaurant or simply possess some brilliant recipes, you can start your own cooking classes. Cooking classes are an excellent idea for people who are looking for home-based cooking business ideas.

Catering Services

If you have good management skills and can make good plans, you can provide catering services on both small and large scales. People plan events all the time, and so you can offer catering services to them. Since the food is given in a short span and collection of money also takes place immediately, you can start this food business with considerably low investment.




44 Amazingly Awesome Gifts For Your Best Friends in 2021

Macrame Photo Display

Turn your friendship into something beautiful. A gorgeous yet simple eco-friendly macrame wall hanging makes for a very thoughtful gift. A wall decor photo display is an elegant, artistic way to showcase your favourite pictures, postcards, photos, memos, or artwork with your friends and family.

Kombucha Brewing Kit

The Kombucha Brewing Kit kit has helped a lot of people become experts at brewing kombucha from home. It contains only 100% organic ingredients and will have everything you need to start brewing within the box itself, with the kombucha equipment and culture to keep you going for years.

Instax Camera

The Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Instant Film Camera is a small camera which gives instant credit card-sized prints on the snap. It features a Fujinon 60mm lens that can focus on a subject as close as 2 feet away. A flash is also built in to provide additional illumination for shots taken in low-light conditions. For image composition, an optical viewfinder with an integrated target spot is built into the camera, and an exposure counter is added to visually display the number of exposures remaining in the film pack.

Long Distance Touch Bracelets

The perfect gift for your best friend would be a pair of Bond Touch bracelets. When you touch the bracelet, the other person feels it in the form of a vibration, no matter where they may be. The vibration is such that it mimics the natural vibration of your partner’s touch. When you send a touch via the bracelet, the other person’s bracelet will light up in the colour of your choice.


Long Distance State Coffee Mug

If you don’t live close to where your best friend does, one of the things you will miss the most is the intimate talks you have over your morning coffee. Every personalized mug has a love map of the states you live in, with the cities marked with a heart. Dotted lines connect the two hearts on the map.

Tiny Heart Necklace

A cute and dainty necklace, its beauty is elevated by beautiful heart charms which can be hand-stamped with your best friend’s initials. You can also customize one for yourself and another for someone special, making a unique friendship necklace. It can be sent as a gift to your sorority sisters, girlfriends, co-workers, relatives and best friends which they will adore.

A Digital Photo Frame

If you and your best friend love sharing photos, the Nixplay Wi-Fi Cloud Photo Frame is probably the best gift ever. It can give you control over your photos and the ability to share them whenever you want. Gift this frame to your loved one and email photos quite easily for instant display anywhere in the world at any time. Create & update photo playlists very quickly and choose which frame displays what playlist. You even have the option to send several playlists to each frame.

How the office food delivery industry has been affected in covid-19 times

delivering food in oslo

The coronavirus has now been present for almost a year, and long-term effects are starting to become apparent as we move closer to 2021. In this short article, we’ll have a look at how the office food delivery industry has been affected in covid-19 times, and compare the numbers with the restaurant and grocery store industries.

Many people are afraid of going to restaurants and bars because of how crowded such places get. There’s a lot of talking, the waiters and bartenders are touching a lot of objects which may spread disease, and it’s very hard to completely avoid any contact with people. The situation has taken a huge toll on these industries. We’ll look at some of the numbers below.

But first: when it comes to the office food delivery industry, large profits are made on people’s fear of getting infected. Food delivery apps are on the rise, and for good reason. More and more people and businesses are exploring safer ways to buy food during the coronacrisis, and when it comes to reducing human contact, getting food delivered at the door is a much safer way than getting it where there are lots of people.

The apps that seem to succeed the most are those that offer to deliver food on people’s doorstep, whether or not they are inside the home or office. There are a lot of people who buy excessive amounts of toilet paper and flour in grocery stores, but there are even more who use food delivery apps instead to get all the “fuel” they need. These deliveries can contain every meal of the day. The apps are proving so successful that many of them are having more downloads than ever. For example, Instacart had over 200% as many downloads in March as in February. As people and businesses in highly populated areas are now asked to stay inside as much as they can, these numbers will probably rise even more.

As mentioned above, restaurants and bars are not experiencing the same success. The leading lunch delivery company in Oslo, Toolbox made the statement “They’re having a much harder time”. A research group has discovered that almost 50,000 restaurants and almost 5,000 bars had a revenue which was 20% lower in 2020 than in 2019 up to that point. As countless numbers of restaurants and bars have shut down their businesses or only stay open for take-outs, the revenues will most likely be even lower in the coming months, perhaps even years. The interest in eating at restaurants is simply not as high anymore, now that it proves a significant health risk because of all the people who are gathered there. For instance, how long has it been since you went to your favorite restaurant? Do you find that you go there less often or not at all? It may have happened consciously or unconsciously, but it’s quite natural to start staying away from such places, no matter how much you love them!

It’s interesting to note, however, that grocery stores have seen a stunning upward surge in their revenues, which has been caused by all of the people who are panic-buying large amounts of food. Consumers have been spending a staggering 80% more money to buy food in 2020 than in 2019! It’s difficult to say whether this trend will continue, and for how long.

These big changes in the food market as a whole makes it natural to ask: May food delivery apps be able to not only help us stay safe and nourished, but also to rescue the national economy in the times of covid-19?

Carpet tiles in your kitchen could be a good idea, actually

Using carpets that extend across the kitchen can make it comfortable and stylish, but they are often difficult to install, and have only a few design options. Carpet tiles provide a solution which gets rid of these hassles. They could be a good idea in your kitchen, actually, and here’s how they solve the above mentioned problems.

Easy Installation

Installing normal carpets is time demanding, and it’s hard to get it right. The carpets are merchandised in long pieces which are large and burdensome, and this makes it hard to use them to make the floor the way you want it. In order to station it, you will have to do lots of difficult stuff like measuring and cutting the carpet correctly, and then making it fit just right.

Carpet tiles, however, arrive in more manageable pieces which are light, so that you can easily install them where you want them. Their small size enables you to quickly and faultlessly finish the more tight and narrow parts of your house – and you don’t even have to cut the carpet. For those times when you actually have to do so with the carpet tiles, you will only have to worry about one tiny square at a time, not a two-meter piece.

Design Flexibility

With normal carpets, you can only use one pattern for the entire house or room. When you instead choose to use carpet tiles, you can do a whole lot more: do the one-pattern theme, use different grades of the same color, mix different colors, mix the patterns, etc. Really, your imagination is the only limit.

Some of the colors that are designed for carpet tiles aren’t even possible to use with normal carpets. So think about it any way you want: carpet tiles in your kitchen could be a good idea, actually.

Where can you get carpet tiles for your kitchen?

  • Amazon – Carpet Tiles : offers a wide variaty, but it can be a challange to find quality and fast delivery
  • offers only quality at a low price, and their customer service is amazing.