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Top 10 Best Food Business Ideas with Low Investment

Here are some of the business ideas that require very low investment and which can fetch you high profits.

Opening A Restaurant

With perfect planning, a person can open a restaurant with considerably low investment. If planned and managed correctly, the restaurant business is very profitable. One must review the location, habits and taste of the people in that location before opening a restaurant. For example, if you are planning to open a restaurant in Hyderabad in India, non-vegetarian Biryani should be your go-to dish because Hyderabadis like that. A restaurant is one of the best business ideas based on food.

Open a Bakery

If you are an expert at making biscuits and cakes, it would be best to open a bakery. All you will require are good recipes, baking equipment and different moulds for the things you will be making. Nowadays, several corporate companies order from bakeries for each and every get-together or meeting that are arranged by them. If you can get such corporate event tenders, you can get more than decent returns in such a food business.

Chocolate Making

Everyone is fond of good home-made chocolates, and if you happen to know the art of making chocolates, you can make it your business. It has the advantage of being operated from home and is one of the best food business ideas with small capital.

Ice-cream Parlour

Nowadays, anyone can prefer ice cream at any time of the year since you can both make your own ice-cream as well as become a franchisee of a famous ice cream company.

Mobile Food Vans

Food caravans are gaining a lot of popularity nowadays because they can go anywhere and have the advantage of serving fast-food or combo-food, which can be eaten on the go or parcelled. Even though the cost to be offered is considerably low here, you can make good margins with large enough volumes, and they sell very fast indeed. Food caravans are one of the best food business ideas.

Cooking Classes

If you have years of cooking experience, have served as a chef in a restaurant or simply possess some brilliant recipes, you can start your own cooking classes. Cooking classes are an excellent idea for people who are looking for home-based cooking business ideas.

Catering Services

If you have good management skills and can make good plans, you can provide catering services on both small and large scales. People plan events all the time, and so you can offer catering services to them. Since the food is given in a short span and collection of money also takes place immediately, you can start this food business with considerably low investment.